Hope Zoning Bylaw Update
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Hope Zoning Bylaw Update


District of Hope


Apr 2011 to Jan 2012

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A comprehensive update of the Zoning Bylaw included sustainability initiatives, new definitions, variable standards for home based business depending on the intensity of land use and the creation of more broadly based zones. The update included making the bylaw document more ‘user friendly’ in format with a focus on creating a bylaw that can be easily understood and enforced. During the course of the Bylaw update approaches to coach houses and secondary suites by other municipalities in the Fraser Valley were investigated and parking requirements for various uses, particularly in the downtown were re-evaluated. The updated Zoning Bylaw also makes provision for community gardens and provides a distinction between non-ground oriented and ground oriented multi-family housing. A public Open House was held early in the bylaw update process to identify issues of community concern that could be addressed through the Bylaw and another was held after preparation of a new Draft Bylaw to ensure public feedback was gained prior to the Bylaw going forward to a Public Hearing.