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Calgary City Soul Project




Jun 2011 to Oct 2011

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The Calgary City Soul project was conceived following a one-day seminar in September
2008. At that time, it was noticed that the City of Calgary’s Centre City Plan—a comprehensive
and visionary planning document designed to attract an additional 40,000 to 70,000
residents into the civic core—had overlooked the city-building role that institutions of faith
play. Beliefs may be private or personal matters, but the institutions that nurture them have
long been and remain public and part of, not apart from, the secular society represented
by governments. Faith institutions have long played a critical role in the social fabric of vital
cities. This study was undertaken in order to examine the public value of institutions of faith
and whether or not the current plan created the unintended consequence of social exclusion.
The key question of the study was: “Do faith-based institutions and spaces contribute to the social
architecture of the downtown core?”
This study’s comprehensive conclusions are available at length in the report, but in summary, they
indicate that institutions of faith play a strong and vital role within Calgary’s social architecture
not only for persons of faith but for all residents.
The project was presented to 200 community leaders and received national press coverage.