13111 King George Hwy. Surrey, B.C.
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13111 King George Hwy. Surrey, B.C.


Land development and Holdings LTD


Jul 2007 to Dec 2008

Project Type

High-rise, Townhouse


JHL Design Group (Landscape Design), Delcan (Traffic Study and Roadwork Design)


Stage of the project: Development Permit Application 

Setting and urban concept:
The proposed development consists of an apartment building and townhouses on the south  and north side of 113A Ave between 131st  and 132nd Streets and is located next to a multifamily project presently under construction at 11255-132ndSt.
The proposed high - rise building allows us to free the ground surrounding the building and introduce the public green spaces, to open vistas and create the outdoor amenities for the residents as well as for the people from the Neighbourhood (amphitheatre, trails etc.). The semicircular shape of the building takes the whole community under its friendly wing and gives it a focal point.
The roof gardens on the terraces extend the park upwards and blend the building with the green slope facing Fraser River. On the approach from the Patullo bridge the green building creates a gateway to City of Surrey.
Form and character:
The substantial slope of the site ( the vertical elevation difference of aprox. 65’) creates view opportunities to Fraser River.  The proposed form of the building makes it a unique  terraced multifamily structure rather then a typical vertical high-rise building. The landscaped  terraces extend the green areas from the City Park up almost to the roof of the  building and create opportunity for vertical farming.
Sustainable Design:
The following features will be included to enhance building sustainability and reduce energy consumption:
  *   Geothermal installation and solar panels as a source of heating
  *   Low flush toilets, grey water for sprinklers to provide reduction of clean water use
  *   Use recycled materials where possible including:
-       Deck finish by synthetic lumber
-       Common area floors finished with carpet that contains recycled face fiber.
   *  Terrace, roof and partially walls planted areas.
   *  Large roof overhangs to shade the windows
   *  High “R” value of exterior assemblies
   *  Thermally broken windows, all to reduce heating/cooling energy demands